//There has been some confusion about the ship of this blog. While it’s true that the idea began with icathianpredator, it’s also true that long ago that I was separated from her concept of an indifferent and feral Kha’zix.

I did this because the story was not getting anywhere, and I constantly had to draw Lulu crying because of the indifference of Kha’Zix and this is boring for me.

For this reason, this blog has no shimate (‘m looking for one XD) and all LuluxKha’Zix comics were created and drawn just for me, icathianpredator doesn’t share credit or authorship, and her opinion about the ship applies only to her blog.

Therefore, the answer to questions about whether Kha’Zix loves Lulu is “yes.” If you are looking for suffering and impossible love, give unfollow this blog and return to real life. Because here you only find the love story between a monster and a fairy.


//Hi everyone!

I want to apologize for the inactivity of these days. It happens that I have a medical condition that causes me serious relapses sometimes.

For this reason, I have been off a few days, but in a couple of weeks back to normal. I also want to give a welcome to new followers.

Thank you very much to all!




"Lulu! no, Top lane is my lane! what would be next Tryndamere mid?!" /hmmm… "Don´t you ever think about it mun"

"Stop mourn you have to Nacho that helps you, also a king should be ready for any situation, ANY!”
"So go to Mid!"

"¬_¬… keep Nacho out of this Lu…" he grunt and mummble "OK…next time you are going to tell me you want to jungle…"

…..after a few minutes…

"WHY DIDN´T YOU TELL ME KYLE WAS ON MID!!! ho my Magic resist…."

"Excuse me - excuse me!"


*Lulu comes running from Top lane. She is persecuted by the top and jungler enemies, who remain in mid when she disappears into the jungle. Lulu flees leaving his friend with a 3 vs 1. In the distance, the King hear:* “Any situation!”


Anonymous asked:

kha obviously has no interest in you

ask-whimsical-lulu answered:

"I know, and I don’t care"




That isn’t true my Yordle pal. I already check Kha’Zix organic system and I really secure that he feel something for you. Be patience, wait for the correct moment.




"Kha’Zix cares for you. No matter what."